2012 - 2017: Regulated Breathing +

The term˜Regulated Breathing” derives from a 2014 interview:
“I began making these works around the time when my first daughter was born.
At the time, I was feeling very anxious.
I decided to use my studio practice to relax.
Gilding, an ancient technique where extremely thin sheets of silver (or gold) are carefully applied a-top glue coated surfaces (or object), provided a perfect solution.
It required me to be in an almost meditative state.
I found that monitoring and regulating my breathing helped.”

This project is a culmination of works created and shown between 2014 and 2017.
In them, recurring dualities intertwine:
Phalic - Vaginal.
Masculinity - Sexuality.
Rise - Fall.
Sculptural - Painterly.
Traces - Imprints - Mark-making.
Temporary - Infinite.
Timely - Timeless.
Prehistory - Alternative history.


Eitan Bugamin

Karni Ben Yehuda