2008 - 2014: FORCE +

FORCE is the tile of the project that Yonatan Ullman created 

over a span of approximately two years - between 2008 and 2010.

This project is made up of a sequence of fourteen large-scale multi-layered paintings. 

Each of these paintings was created over a long period of time.

Over that time, Ullman revisited these paintings every twenty four hours.

In each visit, Ullman masked out areas from each painting, 

then covered the entire surface of each painting with a coat of paint.

Over time, layers of paint separated by layers of masking material piled up.

At the end of this process, Ullman at once removed all the layers of masking materials,

In order to reveal segments of paint from each individual day of this process.

In that sense, these works are ‘depictions of an enactments’ - 

the actions that created the images are reflected in the images that these actions created. 

Together this sequence of paintings forms an epic allegory about creation - 

They tell the story of the FORCE of creation.