2011 - 2013: EMPIRE +

‘Empire’ is a room encompassing installation
which serves a quiet meditative contemplation about life, love
and death within late capitalism.

In it, sugar coated tiles cover the entire surface of the floor.
As viewers step on these, the sugar gently smashes under their weight,
scraping dirt from the bottom of their shoes.
As the exhibition progresses, the virgin-white desert terrain
becomes imprinted with the exhibition's collective viewing patterns.

From this floor erect sky-scraper like test-tube totems.
Each translucent plastic column contain liquids
derived from our every-day consumer experience -
gallons of radioactive neon-green mouthwash,
litters of bloody red juice concentrate -
and a highly condensed sugary substance
which, in this exhibition, preserves biologic matter -
a slice of water-melon pierced on top a chef's knife,
a hornet forever stinging its own reflection...

A pair of analogue clocks' ability to tell time was disabled -
a liquid sugary substance was poured into them and gradually solidified.
Now, each clock only testifies to its exact moment of death.

Tying it all together is a looped video -
a pair of hornets struggle to live
but eventually each expend their last breath
and give in to death.
Behind them a beautiful young woman floats aimlessly in a pool.


Avi Schneebaum

Uzi Tzur

Michal Pitowsky

Moments that Last Forever